Web Space

Server Names

When your domain is registered we setup some default hostnames for you.

Web: www.YOUR-DOMAIN.com & YOUR-DOMAIN.com (e.g. jabhosting.co.uk)

FTP: www.YOUR-DOMAIN.com OR ftp.YOUR-DOMAIN.com (e.g. ftp.jabhosting.co.uk)

Default page filename

Your default, home, or index page needs to be called either index.html or index.php if you have PHP enabled space.

Uploading files

To upload your web-site you need to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). There are many different ftp client programs around, however we recommend FileZilla or Cyberduck.

File/Directory Structure

All your html, php and image files should be in the public_html directory of the file system. You can create extra directories as required for your graphics etc. But your index page must be here.

Files that you don't want to be publically available can go into the root of your space if required. If you are using PHP, it is able to access files stored in the root area.

admin - Will usually contain nothing but may have some system files for your site. It can not be accessed via http.

logs - This directory contains your raw access logs. These can be downloaded and read with log analyser software if required. Please note these files can get very big! This directory is blocked from being served by the server. It can only be accessed by FTP.

tmp - This is used mainly by PHP as a temporary store, if you are using the PHP file upload functions for instance.

webalizer - Is where your web-site statistics are stored it can be accessed by http://www.YOURDOMAIN/webalizer/index.html. It is password protected and you must use your main account username and password to access the stats.

File Stucture



Your email addresses and mailboxes are configured when your account is set-up. If you need to change these or have them forwarded to other addresses please email support with the changes and we will action at the next convenient opportunity.

Each mailbox will consist of the email address, a username and a password to secure the access to the mailbox.

Incoming Email

Your email mailboxes are configured for POP3 or IMAP access and they can be accessed using SSL or STARTTLS*.

Incoming Server: mail.YOUR-DOMAIN.com (e.g. mail.jabhosting.co.uk)

Ports: POP3 - 110 or 995, IMAP 143 or 993.

Username: This will be supplied with your account details, must be entered as shown as it is case sensitive.

Password: This will be supplied with your account details, must be entered as shown as it is case sensitive.

* Please Note: When using SSL or STARTTLS we use a generic server hostname on the certificate rather than your specific hostname which will lead to most email clients questioning the certificate, check the certificate is valid by all means, however in most cases it is fine to "Accept" the certificate as it is.

Outgoing Email

Please use your Internet connection provider's SMTP server if possible.

Due to the ever increasing amount of bulk unsolicted email (SPAM) being sent it is preferred that you use the outgoing mail server of the ISP that you use to connect to the Internet. If you are unable to do this then please contact us and we can discuss some alternative options.


We use SpamAssassin along with the Spamhaus Project (www.spamhaus.org) and ClamAV (www.clamav.net) to scan all emails before they are sent to your mailboxes. We also restrict the type of attachments that are allowed.



If you have MySQL in your hosting package then you will have been set-up with a database for your own use. Nobody else can have access to this database. Only your username and password has access and this will be supplied when the account is created.

Access to the database is restricted to the local server. Remote access from another server is not permitted. For database administration we have PHPMyAdmin available, the login will be the same as your database credentials and we will supply the URL for access at the time the account is created.


PHP scripts can be placed anywhere in your directory tree, please make sure that they have a .php file extension.

There is a huge amount of information on the php.net website. Your first port of call concerning php should be www.php.net


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