How do I order? Email sales@jabhosting.co.uk or call on 01837 659587

How long before I can use my account? Your account will normally be set-up and running within 24 hours of payment being recieved. There are external factors such as domain name registration that can take longer. On average it takes about 24-48 hours for a newly registered domain to become fully active.

How do I pay? We can accept payment by most major credit and debit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. Regular customers can apply for a 30 day credit account by contacting sales.

Are there any hidden charges? No. The price given in the quotation is the price you pay provided the information you have given us is correct.


Can I transfer an existing domain to you? Yes. We can transfer a domain from another ISP to our system. You do need the co-operation of the company who registered your domain for you. We can advise on the process should you wish to transfer.

The Service

Do you provide help with designing our site? No. Our technical support service is to provide support for the web space. If you need advice on design, layout or programming then we do charge for the service.

Can I have access to my sites log files? Yes. The raw log files are in a sub-directory for you download if required. You can also view a graphical representation of the logs.

What happens if I go over my disk space limit? If you just go over temporarily then we won't do anything. If you regularly go over then we will move you up a category. We will then invoice you for the remaining period.

What happens if I get more visitors than anticipated and use up more bandwidth than I have paid for? Again if it is just a little over or a temporary burst then we will ignore it. If it happens regularly then we will need to move you to the next suitable category and invoice you fo rthe remaining period.

Site Content

Are there any restrictions as to what I can put on my site? Yes. You can put what ever you want as long as it is not pornographic, offensive, abusive, obscence, slanderous, defamatory, illegal or copyrighted material. Any of these found could result in the site being shutdown and lead to prosecution.

What about music and videos? You can have music and videos on your site so long as they are yours to distribute and not copyrighted. Bare in mind that these files can be large and will count to your available disk space and bandwidth usage, so it may be better to link to a third party such as YouTube or Soundcloud.

What about adult sites? We do not allow pornographic or adult material on our servers. Any sites found with this sort of material will be shutdown immediately.

Security & Reliabilty

Is your system secure? Yes. We disable anything that is not required or a security risk. We have an extensive logging system that can detect intrusion attempts and notify us immediately. Security updates and patches are applied regularly and there is also a firewall protecting the sites.

What about backups? We back all of your data including the mySQL database on a regular basis.


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